Воскрешение Ветхого Адама

Вознесение, преображение и обожение праведника в ранней иудейской мистике

Resurrection of the Fallen Adam: Ascension, Transfiguration, and Deification of the Righteous in Early Jewish Mysticism

Russian State University for the Humanities; Institute for Oriental and Classical Studies; The Sector of Comparative Studies of Eastern and Western Cultures; translations from English by A. V. Markov, I. Ju. Miroshnikov, N. N. Seleznyov; edited by N. N. Seleznyov.

Moscow: Russian State University for the Humanities, 2014. 464 pp. – ISBN 978-5-98604-435-4

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Tomás García-Huidobro

Sacerdote Jesuita, Doctor en Teología Bíblica.